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Dev Dham Jodhpuriya.

 Dev Dham Jodhpuriya is a temple of god Shri Devnarayan. It is situated near Mashi dam, Manoharpura in Newai Municipality of Tonk district, Rajasthan. The place is 75 km away from Jaipur-kota national highway (NH-12).



Shri Devnarayan Katha

 Shri Devnarayan is worshiped as folk deity.According to traditions, he incarnated in 968 AD as son of Sri Sawai Bhoj and Saadu maata Gurjari.There are many shrines of Sri devnarayan including Asind , Jodhpuriya, Demali etc.



Shri Devnarayan Bhagwan Veer Gurjar

 Shri Devnarayan a Gujjar medieval hero from Rajasthan is worshipped as a folk deity. He is believed as an avatar of Vishnu. According to tradition he was born to Sri Sawai Bhoj and Sadu mata Gujri.on the seventh day of the bright half (shukla saptami) of the month of Magh in the Hindu Calendar in Vikram Samvat 999 (943). Historical Devnarayan probably belonged to c. 14th century.



Akhand Jyoti Devnarayan bhagawan

 The picture is taken of Akhand Jyoti of devnarayan bhagawan which twinkles with the help of desi ghee.This Jyoti is very ancient at Dev Dham Jodhpuriya near maasi dam,Manoharpura from Jodhpuriya temple of lord Devnarayan in Rajasthan.



Saadu Maata Gurjari

 Saadu Maata Gurjari was mother of lord Devnarayan and wife of Shri Sawai Bhoj, one of the 24 Gurjar brothers named as Bagaravats.She was Khatana by Gotra and daughter of Shri Daudha Ji Khatana from Devas.In this picture she is with her son Shri Devnarayan Bhagwan when he got incarnated in lotus leaf at Maalasheri.The picture is taken from Dev Dham Jodhpuriya.



Gojar City In Spain, Europe

 Established By Gurjars in ancient time



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